New website launched!

Posted on 13th May, 2017

In February 2013, I launched this, my first bespoke website - I'm not sure where the 4+ years have gone, but I'm delighted to have gone live today with the latest incarnation. Once again Chris Davies has been an absolute pleasure to work with - he really is a complete star and I'm very happy with the work he has completed.

The site runs off Expression Engine and, with a big update last year, it was imperative that we made some fairly significant changes to the back end of the site. It made sense to give it a good refresh at the same time - taking into account changes in technology and also the progression of my own work. Images are now far larger, the site is that much cleaner looking and we've tweaked a bit of the functionality as well. In particular the workshops section should make it easier to access key information.

The gallery is now a far better showcase for my work. I've removed a huge number of images; I'm slowly adding some of my latest. There are a few less categories, but also a couple of new categories including one for the Nordic countries I enjoy visiting so much and also iphoneography has its own section. Deciding how to structure the gallery and what imagery to include was, inevitably, a bit of a compromise. In an ideal world, I'd love it to be a little more streamlined - with less literal groupings and showing a smaller number of images. However, I have to be practical - I have to consider my customers, how and why they visit my site, what they look for when they are here. I hope I've got the balance right!

A crazily busy schedule has meant updates have been a bit few and far between this year - however, now the new site is live, I am really hoping to write far more frequent blogs and, for those who've been asking, I will be adding new workshop dates very soon!

I hope you enjoy the new look - please let me know if you spot any omissions or if you can't find what you're looking for.