Wharfedale in springtime : one day photography workshop

Wharfedale in springtime : one day photography workshop

Wharfedale is home to some very beautiful, somewhat wild and rather hilly woodland. As well as a great variety of wild flowers, including lily of the valley, we will have the chance to spend some time amongst some very characterful birch trees and, conditions allowing, may also explore some limestone pavement and witness some fabulous and expansive views. We may also visit some hidden little waterfalls, if conditions are suitable.

We will look at how to meet the challenge of making sense of beautiful but chaotic woodland and there will be plenty of opportunity to cover a number of different creative techniques and to work on more complex compositions. The wild flowers should also be excellent at this time and I'd recommend bringing a longer lens or macro lens if you have one. We'll work together during the day - I am there to give you as much help as you would like and to show you some lesser known gems tucked away in Wharfedale.

You will have ample opportunity to work on new techniques and learn how to make the most of your camera gear and develop your vision to create striking images - both wider and intimate landscapes. We'll cover any technical aspects you wish to work on, including composition, depth of field, choice of focal length, working with light, trying different techniques and more.

One of my key aims is to help you to see the potential for images in all types of location - to look not just for the spectacular grand vistas but also for the more intimate, abstract landscapes that can be made almost anywhere. We will look at how to make the most of conditions on the day - ensuring any kind light can be exploited to its best advantage. Almost without exception, there is no such thing as bad light!


  • What time will the workshop start?

    We will meet at 2.00pm, carrying on until dusk, with the aim of catching the best light of the day - conditions permitting!

  • What level of photographer does this workshop suit?

    We will be immersing ourselves in some fairly complex and wonderfully evocative woodland. It will be a challenging day so perhaps best suited to intermediate photographers and above. That said, I will be there to give you as much help as you need on the day, both with technical and artistic decisions.

  • How fit do I need to be?

    There is a reasonable amount of walking - potentially up to 5-6 miles - and some steep woodland paths, but we will take our time. You may not want to overload your camera bag! 

  • What should I bring?

    Camera and a selection of lenses - ideally covering wide angle to telephoto and macro if you have one.  Tripod, spare batteries and memory cards. Good walking boots. Clothing for any kind of weather. Comfortable backpack or shoulder bag .Waterproofs for you and your gear. Plenty of water and sandwiches / snacks

  • Are there any facilities nearby?

    We may get the chance to go into Grassington at some point but for most of the day, we will not be near any loos, shops or cafes.

  • Can I borrow a Lee filters kit?

    You are welcome to borrow/share a Lee filter kit - including big stopper, little stopper and ND grads. Please note this is at your own risk, although we've had no breakages to date! Please ask in advance and advise of the filter ring sizes of any lenses you may be bringing.