Workshop testimonials

I've been running small group and tailored 1-2-1 workshops since 2012. Over the years I have met and got to know some truly wonderful people and have been honoured that so many have returned. All of my residential workshops, and now online bookmaking workshops as well, are co-led by my great friend and fellow photographer Alex Hare. I've included below a small selection of comments from some of the wonderful clients who have joined us:

  • Karen, February 2024 - 6 night Torridon workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"I was impressed with the way that both of you had listened to what we each wanted from the workshop. You both worked hard to help with the specific areas we had highlighted and to find compositions and subject matter that would appeal to each of us. I also enjoyed the processing session and picked up some useful tips. I appreciated the care with which you chose the locations each day and really felt this helped us make the most of our time there. The airport pick ups and drop offs were great, thank you."

  • Jackie, October 2023 - 6 night Harris & Lewis workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"Thank you both for another wonderful tour, which was just as well organised and exciting as the previous two. You took us to so many fantastic locations and I especially liked the ‘impromptu’ stops when conditions were just right, such as when we saw the light play on a mountain through the clouds. This kind of flexibility certainly promotes creativity! You are both such excellent teachers and because of your knowledge, which you share so generously (and patiently), I feel I have come a long way since my first workshop with you, when I did not even know how to attach my camera to a tripod! The week was great fun and your good humour really helped us all to relax and ‘go with the flow’. Thanks again for a brilliant workshop and I look forward to the next one I can attend!"

  • Elizabeth, November 2022 - 4 night Yorkshire Dales workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"What an experience in the Yorkshire Dales with Tripod Travels. I really enjoyed it, even the drenching to the deserted homestead. I feel like I have learned so much thanks to your skill, creativity and ability to teach. You are both really kind and great fun too. The pub was a great choice to stay and very comfortable."

  • Stephen, November 2022 - 4 night Yorkshire Dales workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Dales last week. I so much enjoyed being out with you and Alex on the hills, learning much about composition and technique. That technique also includes wrestling with camera, tripod and an umbrella in driving rain - practice made perfect!! It was also a good bunch of people, similarly enthusiastic and wanting to participate in everything that we did. And also for your organisation and leadership - it all worked seamlessly."

  • Stephanie, November 2021 - online book making course for photographers (co-led by Alex Hare)

"Thank you both for a thought-provoking and highly enjoyable final workshop. The three workshops together have helped me find another purpose for my photography as well as enhancing my project work. I’m ridiculously proud of my books."

  • Stephen, October 2021 - 4 night Lake District workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"Thank you so much for hosting such a brilliant workshop. Your leadership, guidance, thoughtfulness, planning and photographic tuition all surpassed my expectations. I think of all the fantastic locations you researched and took us to photograph, and how much fun we had in doing so."

  • Caroline, October 2021 - 6 night Harris & Lewis workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"It exceeded my expectations. The days were well thought out and planned, with varied locations. I thought the tuition you both gave was excellent. Particularly in terms of help with exposure settings and composition. By the end of the week, I was looking for shapes, repeating patterns and lines, which I wouldn't have identified at the beginning, and also becoming aware of trying to fit too much into one image. You were both very good in explaining why some compositions worked and some didn't. It helped that you are both very approachable so as the week progressed, I felt more confident to ask for advice. 

I just want to say a big thank you to both of you for all your help and patience with me - you were both so kind and friendly.  It was an absolutely fantastic week. I have started going through my images and I can see a noticeable improvement already from the last one I did."

  • David, October 2021 - 9 night Harris, Lewis & Torridon workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"It was what I hoped it would be - relaxed, understated tuition in the kind of locations I had dreamed of, and you even laid on virtually perfect weather for landscape/seascape photography! The tuition offered was just right, not preaching or overbearing, you both seemed to know when I was struggling and came like the cavalry over the hill to save the day. Perhaps a little quieter and gentler… Maybe it was luck, or maybe you attract 'the right sort’, but the mix or characters worked very well together, I know I have made friends with whom I will keep in touch - bonus!"

  • Brenda, May 2020 - online book making course for photographers (co-led by Alex Hare)

"I really enjoyed the course; online was a new experience so that was fun! I guess isolation means that the interaction was particularly nice. Seeing different people and their work, all of which was lovely and so diverse. And that is always great about workshops. I think all the technology worked very well the videos were so clear and you could refer back to those if you got in a muddle. It seemed very relaxed and that was definitely down to the rapport between you two! Sequencing discussions were great because I think that is one of the hardest skills to get your head round and it is important for this type of book."

  • Sue, April 2020 - online book making course for photographers (co-led by Alex Hare)

"I thought the course a great way of getting into bookmaking. I felt I was guided along the way and ended up with a book I was really proud of. I was also pleased that you went through the sequencing of images so covered the aesthetic as well as the practical side.”

  • David, April 2020 - online book making course for photographers (co-led by Alex Hare)

“Just completed my first handmade book - a super fun few half days under the guidance of Lizzie and Alex who led the group through everything one needs to complete your first hard-backed, concertina book - from links to where to purchase all the required materials, to a significant online pre-recorded video resource which takes you step-by-step through every detailed aspect of making your first book.  Alex and Lizzie go through all the necessary detail again during the 2 half days and were forever supportive and encouraging, including presenting ideas about how to choose and sequence images for your book.  A hugely enjoyable few days with a great sense of accomplishment which can repeated time and time again.  Now waiting for the next course!”

  • Annette, November 2019 - 8 day Greece workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"Firstly, a very big ‘thank you’ to you both for an excellent trip. It was a joy to travel in a comfortable van, especially on the very bendy roads and everything else was of an equally high standard. Having never travelled with Tripod Travels before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised. The pace was good – I never felt exhausted but was fully entertained. The standard of the other photographers was very high – usually you get one or two good ones but these were ALL of a very high standard. Not only did I learn from them (as well as yourselves) but it made me watch what I was up to and concentrate more. This was good as I’m at a stage where technically I’m ok with the camera – but really need to improve composition etc so that I’m not producing yet more bog standard shots. I appreciated that advice was always available but not overpowering."

  • Phil, September 2019 - 4 day Kent workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"Thank you so much for the workshop last week. What an experience! Lightroom now has a bounty of freshly loaded images. In our short period of time we saw wrecks, a gun tower, sea pools, a disused lido, forests, a boat yard, a harbour, together with all the fun of the sea. You over delivered on your promise of variety! I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into creating the workshop, but I can appreciate the amount of thought that went into it. At points it did feel like we were almost off the grid, which is quite an achievement for Kent. It was a perfect workshop. The variety in a short time was fantastic. It was so helpful and wonderful exercise for the creative mind. Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you both again in the future on another workshop."

  • Pauline, May 2019 - 2 day Ribblesdale workshop

" I have been on a few of your workshops and they are always excellent and deliver what you advertise on your website and also, we go to the places that you illustrate. Your knowledge of the area always means we go to the most interesting places - there is never a dull moment and I learn so much. Being driven around is so helpful, particularly after driving a long way.

The range of opportunities meant I could learn about macro, shooting in low light, wide angle landscapes and adjusting camera settings. What was good, was making the best use of time to get the best shots, for example, going out at 4 a.m. which meant we could get the best out of the landscape rather than just going out at the wrong time of day because it was easier. It’s really helpful when you show the type of picture that is possible on your iPhone and explain how you might position yourself to get the best angle - or what opportunities are afforded by a particular location or just an ordinary tree or plant in the ground (I would never have found the bog bean flower and I love this shot).
Lizzie, you are a not only a great photographer but also a great teacher. You give your time generously and with patience for people like me who still struggle to get the tripod up at times. I have been out with a few different professional photographers who may be good as photographers but not as teachers/instructors - they book too many clients for the workshop (9-10) and you rarely see them during the day so you are left drifting and clicking away without direction and come back with lots of tourist shots. Thank you once again for a great workshop. It was good to be out in the landscape and to get away from pressured work in London."

  • Kris, April 2019 - 6 day Harris & Lewis workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"I really wanted to just say thank you so much; as you know I've never done anything like this before and I guess I don't have much to compare it all to, but I do know that I've had my eyes opened in a way which I simply cannot turn off again (nor would I want to). I think this really is a testament to the way in which you approach the course, the friendly informal element of it all, and being around people that have an infectious passion for a view and the experience to learn from. I find myself taking a few steps left or right all the more often and thinking about how the light moves in more subtle ways.

As a first timer, I was quite apprehensive, but not quite sure of what - perhaps I'd be out of my depth, embarrass myself of something similar. I had a vision of the course being about driving to places, rolling out, grabbing shots and on to the next place, and in that regard I would be constantly underachieving the photo that I would want due to my experience level. But I was quite wrong, it was much more about experimenting and learning, and not just shot bagging. I think you handled the varying levels of experience very well from my perspective, made me comfortable in my own ability and was able to help me without me being lost. The workshop and the experience overall far, far exceeded my expectations."

  • David, April 2019 - 6 day Harris & Lewis workshop (co-led by Alex Hare)

"I’ve just returned from a 5 night tour of Harris & Lewis under the expert guidance of Lizzie and Alex.  Although I am a seasoned workshop photographer, Lizzie and Alex are up there with the best leaders with whom I have travelled over the years. Pre-workshop notes were helpful and accurate and the detailed sample daily itinerary was a confirmation of the photographic potential I hoped to realise. Lizzie and Alex make it clear at the outset that they will provide as much guidance and help as you need and so will cater for all experience levels. With so many photographic techniques currently in vogue, I was impressed with how Lizzie and Alex could stimulate and nurture that interest among workshop participants.  

I was perhaps most impressed with the firm resolution to go out for dawn each day  - it remains optional however - whether there was going to be any direct sunlight or not and regardless of the passing rain shower. With no direct pre-dawn light on a couple of days, we had to work hard to unearth the photographic potential of each location in low ambient light conditions but the group was richly rewarded each time and and I, for one, made many pleasing images before the breakfast hunger finally took its toll. With varied weather conditions a constant, Lizzie and Alex got us to locations which suited the light and the weather and it wasn’t long before the group was submersed making images in the varied scenes on offer. All-in-all, a fabulous week on Harris & Lewis with a great group and with images I can hopefully be proud of."

  • Sue, January 2019 - 1 day Yorkshire Coast workshop:

"Thank you again for a brilliant day last week - I enjoyed every minute and feel much better equipped to achieve better images in the future. The description in the prep notes gave a really clear outline of the day, which was so helpful in planning ahead to ensure I had everything I needed to gain in the areas that were my personal focus.

Every part of it was useful but further enhanced by the attention you gave to individuals - as well as the main aims of the day, you sorted me out with basic camera understanding that will be really helpful in the future. Your patience is incredible and you are able to coach without damaging confidence levels. In addition to developing skills, you are really good at helping to point out composition possibilities, whilst always emphasising that possibilities are endless and very much the choice of the individual.

I don’t think the day could have been improved at all."

  • Andree, June 2018 - 1 day Yorkshire Dales workshop (co-led by Oliver Wright):

"Just to say thanks again to you both for a wonderful day out in the Dales sunshine yesterday - and an equally happy day today spent processing photos. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was great being taken to such good locations; it saved so much effort and enabled us to focus (ha!) on the photography. I felt I really benefitted from all your tuition, ideas, hints and tips and your complementary approaches. I always felt supported and encouraged, and was grateful for your patience, especially towards the end of the day when I was getting tired. I've needed a quiet day today!"

  • Keith, May 2018 - 2 day Ribblesdale workshop:

"I have been on a few photographic workshops but I can say without reservation that the two days spent with you far exceeded them in every respect. To be specific your admin, prior to the workshop, and post, was a joy. I was impressed that you had taken the trouble to check out the previous day possible locations for the workshop. As you know I specifically wanted to achieve, where appropriate, a "softer" feel to my shots. Thanks to you I now understand how to achieve this. I am pleased to say I have some very pleasing results. My other desire was a better understanding of woodland/forest photography. I know this is a very difficult subject area but I now have a better appreciation of what to look for.

You may recall I commented on the fact that you did not set up your own tripod and shoot for yourself but only used your camera to illustrate for us possible shots. Your time was spent with all of us, not only assisting where requested; but continually going to each participant, thus ensuring that we got the most out of the workshop. This level of attention I had not experienced this before and it was a revelation. At no time did I feel I could not call upon your expertise. I can only describe you as a true professional; what you provided to us all, in my view, was first class in every respect."

  • John, May 2018 - 1 day Wharfedale workshop:

"I had a great time on Monday and thank you again for the effort that you put into the design of the day. I can’t think of anything you could do to improve on the workshop. but it did bring home to me the limitations of my camera system.  I realise that I am failing to see opportunities, almost unconsciously, to accommodate the camera. I shall deal with that problem in a week or two! I was reminded of the words of Elliott Erwitt when talking about the importance of observation in photography: ‘… it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.’  How very true, and your approach is an excellent example of photographic seeing."

  • Wendy, November 2017 - 1 day Autumn workshop:

"I have been taking photographs for a while now but I was looking for some inspiration and help moving on with my creative journey. I am struck by Lizzie's work and thought that spending a day with her, exploring new techniques and approaches might help me. It was a fantastic day. I tried out a few things with my camera that I've never done before (lying on my back among the leaves taking pictures of the canopy above!) and Lizzie took us to places we'd never have been able to find on our own. I was tired by the end of the day but only weary as I'd learnt a great deal and had such an enjoyable day. She ensures she spends time with everyone and is very patient with any questions on the day. The follow up is brilliant and Lizzie gave me an in depth and informative critique of some of my photos from the day, which was a great help. A very lovely and talented lady.  Thanks for the day, Lizzie"

  • Daniele, October 2017 - 1 day Nidderdale workshop:

"It was much more than I expected. This was the third workshop I’ve attended in my life and none of the previous two can be compared with yours. I really appreciated your assistance, help and patience. Your approach to scouting locations and compositions is remarkable! I really enjoyed getting your input and ideas. There was a moment next to the river after the lunch break when we worked together on an idea. This cooperation was a lot of fun!"

  • Jane, October 2017 - 6 day Harris & Lewis workshop (co-led by Alex Hare):

"I try not to have fixed expectations really but I can say this workshop was a fabulous introduction to Harris & Lewis and I felt you worked very well together as a team and were extremely patient with this reluctant tripod user. I came away having learned new techniques (both in making and processing images) and with a definite desire to go back to explore more of this beautiful area. I like the fact that you mixed things up so we had a variety of different locations from windswept beaches to derelict crofts (and boat) - as someone who gets bored quite easily, I appreciated this. I also liked the way there was freedom to 'do my own thing' (ie walk around staring at the ground) - I dislike workshops where you're all expected to stand in a line taking the same image (they do exist sadly). I also found the processing sessions useful - I rarely used Photoshop before this workshop but can see now there are ways I could use it to benefit my images in the future (and luminosity masks are not as scary as I thought!)."

  • Helen, May 2017 - 1-2-1 custom workshop:

"Looking at the world through a landscape photographer’s eyes showed me a more subtle way of creating a photograph. To capture how objects relate to each other and how they create shapes within the landscape. To use light to highlight features and lead the eye through the picture. The need to check the composition for unwanted objects or dominant highlights. I had to use my brain, learn more about the features of my D700 (which were unknown to me!!) and be open to new ideas. Over much needed tea and cakes in Pateley Bridge, I learned to allow the image to dictate to me how I develop it in Lightroom. A thought provoking and awesome day out."

  • Pauline, October 2016 - 6 day Harris & Lewis workshop (co-led by Alex Hare):

"Well, it was great. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Both you and Alex were generous in the time you gave to everyone - you gave me as much time as I needed to extend and make improvements to my current level of skill. Your preparation/knowledge of locations meant that we didn't waste any time on finding places to visit and ensured that we got the optimum/stunning shots at the right time of day for good light. I've taken 5-6 shots I am really proud of."

  • Penny, August 2016 - 2 day Yorkshire Coast & North York Moors workshop:

"Despite every part of me and every thing I was carrying getting well and truly drenched this week, your workshop Lizzie was fantastic! I think the weather added to the excitement and adventure... climbing wet metal ladders under the pier, dodging falling cliffs at dawn and the tide coming in, all added to make it a fabulous trip. You have made me look at photography in a totally new light (as in there wasn’t any!) but I came away with some fantastic moody images which, beforehand, I would never have thought possible, even though Ive been photographing for years! Thanks Lizzie. I loved the ease with which you convey so much information, which I am excited to try out now…. I'm sure I will be back before long and recommend If anyone is thinking of booking with you… get it booked !! You won’t regret it!"

  • Martin, April 2016 - 3 day 1-2-1 custom workshop:

“The three days were more than I expected. I loved the locations. I found it all useful and I wouldn’t change anything. You pitched it perfectly for me. I don’t think anything could have been done better. It was just right and what I liked also was the fact that you were always more than happy to go over things again and again if required if I had forgotten something or wanted reinforcement. As a teacher, I believe repetition is the mother of all learning! Everything was just great!”

  • Debbie, June 2015 - 1 day Yorkshire Dales workshop (co-led by Oliver Wright):

“I had a really enjoyable day and found both of your approaches refreshing. You were both easy to talk to and not intimidating even with your wealth of knowledge. No lectures about always using a tripod and ISO 100 which has been burnt into my brain. The locations were good and gave us chance to try out our macro lenses as well as helping us with working on composition of the bigger views. I had a great day with some lovely fellow photographers and thank you both very much for ferrying us around.”

  • Susanna, March 2015 - 2 day Sussex and Kent workshop (co-led by Alex Hare):

“I would like to say that both tutors have been really amazing in terms of teaching skills and social skills. I am very impressed how passionate both of you are in terms of teaching photography and sharing your knowledge, equipment and enthusiasm, which is contagious. When I came back I felt really exhausted but the next day I was ready to go on a new workshop”

  • Alan, August 2014 - 3 day North York Moors workshop (co-led by Alex Hare):

“Thanks for a great weekend..! I’m exhausted and exhilarated… and my mind is buzzing with the huge amount I’ve learnt from the advice and coaching you both provided - and the inspiration I got from everyone. As well as the many specific things I learned, one of the most important things I got from the weekend is increased confidence and self-belief!”

  • Carole, June 2014 - 1 day Yorkshire Dales workshop (co-led by Oliver Wright):

“Just wanted to let you know that I learnt such a lot from the time we spent yesterday. It was fabulous! The way the group was organised, the two of you giving your advice and knowledge was great. The small group was ideal for me and it was very well organised. Thank you again for a great day!!”

  • Paul, November 2013 - 2 day Yorkshire Coast workshop (co-led by Alex Hare):

“Just want to say thank you for a fantastic weekend. Company was fantastic, venue was great and you guys just brilliant. Learnt a ton of stuff, especially to look for different options away from the purely wide angle, and got a nice confidence boost. Now need to find the time to keep practising!”

  • Kirsten, May 2013 - 1 day Yorkshire Coast workshop:

“When I bought my first camera with interchangeable lenses, it was because I wanted to learn more about photography, something that could take me beyond the forgettable snapshot images that I usually deleted after a few years. I wanted to learn more about composition and what those M, S, A and P modes could do for me. I joined Lizzie on a one day workshop when I was visiting the Yorkshire Coast. We spent a whole day in and around Whitby, from dawn to late afternoon. She took me to places I didn’t know existed, like Boggle Hole and Saltwick Bay, made me try out new techniques, and pointed out different motifs to photograph. To borrow the eyes of a professional photographer is a real luxury treat for an amateur, and Lizzie gave me lots of ideas to work on. When we departed that evening I felt euphoric and loaded with information, and I was in processing mode for several weeks to come. It was one of the most inspirational and rewarding days I had had in years. Lizzie is the kind of teacher that both gives you help and guidance, but also lets you discover things almost on your own. A highly recommendable experience!”

  • Mike, September 2012 - 2 day Yorkshire Coast & North York Moors workshop:

“As a keen photographer, I’m self aware enough to know that I need to know more. I’m also a huge fan of Lizzie’s work and her ability to capture stunning images. That’s why I asked Lizzie to run a North York Moors weekend for our accommodation business at Eleven Westgate in Pickering (two birds with one stone!). The whole group learnt so much, from exploring camera controls through to considering composition, exposure and patience! Whether you’re a beginner or a hobbyist looking to improve, I can thoroughly recommend Lizzie’s tuition and workshop weekends.”