Faces in the rock face, Saltwick Bay

Posted on 9th December, 2011

Living right in the middle of Yorkshire, the coast is quite a hike for me and, with the cost of fuel so astronomical, I don't get to the sea as often as I'd like.

This was my first visit since the summer and I was hoping to explore the amazing formations on the sea shelf beyond Saltwick Nab. I'd first seen these in the summer but they seem only to be exposed with a very low tide and, on this day, low tide was not low enough. Instead, we headed towards Saltwick Nab - a new part of the bay for me.

Conditions were more suited to intimate, detailed images rather than wider landscapes - luckily Yorkshire's coastline is brimming with wonderful geological features, ideally suited to the closer landscape. Faces can be found in so many places and I spotted this one in the rockface as we made our way along the treacherously slippery seabed towards Saltwick Nab.

I spent a very cold, but happy time, working on various compositions until my fingers could take no more. This was the most abstract composition, with the wider context omitted, but I like it for its simplicity and for the balancing set of curves and stripes. You might just be able to make out the smaller face sitting inside the right eye...?

Rockface faces, Saltwick Bay, North Yorkshire
Rockface faces, Saltwick Bay, North Yorkshire